Will Trump Deliver?

By: Charlie Coco

Ever since the legislation, for the North American Free Trade Agreement, was signed by Bill Clinton, in 1993, I’ve known that America desperately needs a President, who opposes Globalization. Now that we supposedly have, such a President, in Donald Trump, I’m wondering, if he actually will, “Make America Great Again”. Of course, here in America, the two main facets of Globalization, are Free Trade, and mass immigration.   

Regarding trade, imported items currently, have either no tax, or a very low tax. Accordingly, the President should propose, a 40% import tax, on all manufactured goods, and the vast majority of foods, coming into America. The only exceptions, to the tax, should be foods that absolutely, cannot be grown in America. There should be a two year delay, between passage of the bill, and implementation. That delay, would give manufacturers and farmers, time to expand their facilities. Sadly, the President’s suggestion, would merely be a symbolic gesture, since it would have virtually no support, in Congress. As for those economists, who continue to insist, that Free Trade is good for America, what exactly, is so good, about sending our wealth, technology, and independence, to other nations?? It’s insanity, to allow our unbacked dollars, to go abroad, for things that we can easily produce, here in America. Because so many foreign-made goods, are pouring in, America lost over 60,000 factories, during the sixteen years, of Obama and Bush. In 2016, America’s trade deficit for manufacturing, was over three-quarters of a trillion dollars!! Concerning our agricultural sector, since our trade surplus in foods, was less than seventeen billion dollars, for 2016, many farms, are now being drilled for oil. A seventeen billion dollar trade surplus, in foods, is nothing, for a nation that’s filled with farms. Free Trade, has been a disaster, for America, and the lame explanations from Congress, are truly absurd.  

On immigration, I agree with the President, in that, we need a formidable wall, on our southern border, and significant changes, to the qualifications for a Green Card. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Congress would ever approve, funding for the wall, or stricter requirements, for prospective immigrants. Amazingly, legal immigration, is higher now, than it was during the legendary, “Great Wave Of Immigration” (1880-1920). America annually accepts, over a million legal immigrants. Also, every year, America issues more Visas, than any other nation. Many Visa-holders, entering as students or visitors, somehow obtain a Green Card, and remain here permanently. Others, stay here illegally, after their Visas expire. There are, at least, twenty million illegal immigrants, in America. The government’s estimate, of eleven million, is the same as it was, a dozen years ago. America citizens, are forced to compete with immigrants, for jobs, affordable housing, free health care, free groceries, college admissions, and more. Our population is rising, by almost three million a year. That’s clearly, a destructive rate, and excessive immigration, is obviously, the dominant factor. Apparently, nobody in Congress, seems to care. In reality, America’s “Great Wave Of Immigration”, is happening now.  

The American people, have been consistently misled, on the subject of Globalization. Politicians, journalists, and clueless academics, simply echo, the self-serving theories of Wall Street. For example, it’s often said, that immigrants, do jobs that Americans refuse to do. However, if our borders were finally secured, and the annual totals of Visas and legal immigrants, were reduced by 60%, those jobs, would then pay a living wage, and Americans would, definitely, take them. Another misguided belief, is that automation, has cost America more manufacturing jobs, than factory closings. No way!! America has lost, nearly 63,000 factories, since 1999. If those factories, were so highly-automated, why are they gone??  

America is being attacked, by Globalization. Free Trade, is devastating, our two most important industries. And, mass immigration, is needlessly raising our population, and wasting the resources, that are meant for Americans. Mainly due to Globalization, most of the wage increases, that business reporters are constantly talking about, are going to the upper 20%, of wage-earners. During America’s greatest period of middle-class growth, from 1945 to 65, immigration was extremely low, and import taxes were high enough, to protect the American worker.  

I fear that President Trump, will fail to deliver, on trade and immigration. A contrary Congress, along with a lack of credibility, will bring his “America First” agenda, to a screeching halt. Consequently, our next President, will probably be an idealistic fool. At that point, Globalization will quickly gain momentum, and eventually destroy, the America that we know.